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Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a dental repair which completely covers the existing natural tooth and restores it to it’s natural form.

Crowns are most commonly used to make a damaged tooth stronger, and are bonded with extra strong dental cement, similar to fillings. Crowns can be also fitted on top of dental implants.

A crown treatment usually requires two appointments. The first appointment will entail the tooth being drilled and shaped to form a base where the crown can eventually sit. After this, an impression is taken and a temporary crown is fitted onto the tooth. The impression is sent to the lab where a crown is custom made and hand shaded to suit your mouth according to the specifications our dentists provide.

The final appointment will involve removal of the temporary crown and placement of the permanent crown into place. Slight adjustment may be required.

A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth

Dental bridges are recommended when dentures or dental implants are not suitable. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth attached to the crown on the natural teeth on each side.

Two appointments are commonly required for a dental bridge. The first appointment will involve crown preparations of the two natural teeth surrounding the missing/damaged tooth and an impression is taken which is forwarded to our lab for creation of the bridge to match your specifications. A temporary bridge or crown may be fitted. The second appointment will involve removal of the temporary bridge or crown and placement of the permanent bridge.

The dentists at Chapel Road Dental Surgery have years of experience and are fully qualified to look after any of your dental crown or bridge needs. Give our friendly team a call to make a booking.

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